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A new hybrid technology. 

Gripbond Pro is part of Bond It's Pro Range, a range of high-quality sealants and adhesives. What new technology is behind the PRO RANGE?

Hybrid Polymer Technology is a special blend of polyurethane and silicone polymers, creating a strong and flexible bond. This new range of sealants and adhesives are not your typical traditional ones. 

Gripbond Pro is the ultimate hybrid product! It is a one-part, high-quality, high-modulus sealing and bonding material. Forms a tough, elastic rubber joint or an adhesive with superior bonding strength making it useful for range of projects and surfaces. Below are pictures of Gripbond being used outdoors to install solar panels to a roof, but Gripbond Pro is also able to be used for indoors. 

There are many benefits to Hybrid sealants and adhesives such as:

 Non-Toxic • Odorless • Solvent-Free • Quick Curing • Non-Shrinking • UV Resistant • Quick Curing • Free of Isocyanate & Silicones

Though there are specific hybrid sealants and adhesives for wood, glass or even grass surfaces, Gripbond Pro is your go to for almost any surface. It can be used for filling and sealing connecting joints, cracks, holes, bonding metal to metal and as a waterproof adhesive for bonding concrete, mirrors, drywall, polycarbonates, polystyrene, PVCu, many plastics, ceramics, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, and glass. Not for use with expansion joints or where joints are continually immersed in water. Grip Bond Pro is your ultimate All in One Hybrid!

So, shop the Range and do it like the Pro’s!


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